Projects with Impact

My portfolio includes software and educational resources I have contributed to or created that solve real world problems.

Quarto Extensions

Extensions to to modify and extend the behaviour of Quarto, the open-source scientific and technical publishing system.


Provides a comprehensive library for colour vectors and colour palettes using a new family of colour classes (palettes_colour and palettes_palette) that always print as hex codes with colour previews. Capabilities include: formatting, casting and coercion, extraction and updating of components, plotting, colour mixing arithmetic, and colour interpolation.

PSYC 617 Lab

The PSYC 617 lab covers applications of univariate and multivariate statistics to research design and analysis with R.

PSYC 615 Lab

The PSYC 615 lab covers applications of the general linear model to research design and analysis with R.


The distilltools package is collection of tools to support the creation and styling of content on websites created using the distill package in R.

By Ella Kaye, John Paul Helveston, and Michael McCarthy in R packages


The goal of the soda package is to allow you to programmatically access a wealth of open data resources from governments, non-profits, and NGOs around the world using the Socrata Open Data API (SODA) or Discovery API. This package is in very early development.

Tidy Tales

Tidy Tales is a data science blog meant to demonstrate the skills needed in a typical data science project. Namely, wrangling, visualizing, modelling, and communicating data, all with the assistance of programming.


A wrapper for the <audio> and <video> HTML commands in R. It allows you to embed multimedia files in HTML documents generated by R using R code instead of raw HTML. Its functions also include arguments for including placeholder text instead of embedded multimedia files when generating non-HTML documents in R.